Six Reasons Why Bamboo Posh Peanut Footie Is Better Than Cotton

For your baby's clothes, the material is essential. Because it's a matter of pleasure and comfort, you can't ignore the style. It is a tough job for every parent to find suitable and soft clothes online for their children. But our bamboo-based baby clothing is soft and small, and unbelievably cute. 

You can use this posh peanut footie for both boys and girls. Parents pay great attention to the fabric quality. That's why 80% of people choose cotton, as it is soft, inexpensive, and always available. But we have a better option for your baby, i.e., bamboo fabric. This innovation may not be available like cotton, but no doubt it's a clear winner. 

The Benefits of Bamboo Vs. Cotton 

Don't believe in our words, just because we are a reputed seller. Try yourself, and understand how soft the post peanut footie is. And how softly it cares for the tender touch. Check out the benefits of switching to a bamboo fabric dress. 

  1. Bamboo Posh Peanut Footie Is So Soft

Your baby's skin is softened, and any fabric or material that comes into contact must be mild. Only delicate garments will meet your requirements; nothing can beat bamboo clothes; the fibers are soft and natural, and comfortable to wear. It looks so stylish and holds its shape after washing. 

  1. Bamboo Material Is Super Strong and Dependable 

It is a solid material, so the clothing won't shrink or get stretched out or worn out and deformed. Bamboo clothing will hold its original shape, even after being cleaned 100 times. Buying cotton clothes breaks down after a few washes and seems like a waste. 

  1. Posh Peanut Footie is Breathable 

Babies cannot speak how they feel, so you must take care of their clothes so that they can feel comfortable and protected. Bamboo material or clothes like posh peanut footie are incredibly breathable. 

  1. Bamboo Means Less Water is Wasted

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly; it requires less water to grow than cotton. You can adopt Eco-friendly clothes for your kids and contribute a bit to saving the earth. Cotton can't grow without sufficient water, and it needs a lot of water and maintenance to keep it flourishing. But bamboo is natural, and it doesn't need any extra care. 

  1. Bamboo Baby Clothes Are Hypoallergenic 

Remember that babies have sensitive skin that needs good care and love. Bamboo textile has proven the topmost skin safer and non-allergenic material. You must choose the right clothes for your baby, and bamboo is highly recommended over cotton clothes for your kids.

Final Thoughts

This comparison between bamboo and cotton comes down to the base of quality, comfort, and care. Bamboo posh peanut footie is supremely soft and smooth, much better than the environment, and looks so cute on your baby. Along with this bamboo set of clothes, our existing customers are falling in love with the Oh Baby Set. You can visit our site Mean 2 Be Kids and purchase any collections from our online store.


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